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V/A - 12 INCH LOVERS 7 (2 x 12
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    V/A - 12 INCH LOVERS 7 (2 x 12")

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    • Product Type: 12 inch
    • Barcode: 5414166670024
    A1. DJ Gregory & Gregor Salto - Canoa
    A2. Studio 45 pres. Joe & Jessey - Pure Hooney (Studio 45 Remix)
    B1. Deepest Blue - Shooting Star (Dirty Radio Remix)
    B2. Emissary - Perfect World

    C1. Daan - Swedish Designer Drugs
    C2. Lemon8 - Demon Disco
    D1. Effin & Blindin - See Ya
    D2. Kölsch - Der Alte

    Since 2020, 12 Inch Lovers has embarked on an exhilarating journey, characterized by sold-out parties and samplers that have built a loyal fanbase. These samplers consistently find their way to collectors in search of contemporary classics. Samplers 7 & 8 once again constitute a collection of true classics, rare gems, and club tracks that have never before appeared on vinyl.
    Sampler 7
    Let's kick off Sampler 7 with a classic from 2010. Gregor Salto and DJ Gregory joined forces to create an infectious club track that is still played by some of the biggest DJs in the scene but is rarely found on vinyl!
    The next banger from 2002, produced by the German duo Studio 45 pres. Joe & Jessey, is based on the sample from "Bell & James - I Love The Music" from 1979. An absolute must-have for house music enthusiasts!
    Originally an indie-pop song from 2004, "Shooting Star" by Deepest Blue got a fresh new sound with the "Dirty Radio Remix," which has never before been released on vinyl. It's an extremely catchy club track that will evoke memories for many.
    With "Perfect World" by Emissary, we take you back to 1997, a golden era for trance. This track perfectly captures the sound of that time, with a great sense of rhythm and emotion. A favorite among trance and vinyl collectors.
    Daan has become an icon in the Belgian music scene, and "Swedish Designer Drugs" from 2002 showcases his talents. Whether it's electronic music or pop, Daan excels at it all. This track was frequently played in Belgian (after) clubs and is now a true classic in the Belpop and club scene.
    While Lemon8 may be best known for "Model 8", "Demon Disco" should not be overlooked. This groovy track from 2007, with influences from trance and disco, fits perfectly among forgotten classics and has now found a new home on this sampler.
    "See Ya" by Effin & Blindin is a delightful track from 2006 that has become a classic in the Belgian club scene and beyond. With an infectious bassline, euphoric melody, and a great rhythm, it's all you need to set the dance floor on fire. It's a shame that this track has never been released on vinyl before, but we're rectifying that now!
    "Der Alte" by Kölsch is one of those tracks where you can never go wrong. Whether you're a house or techno DJ, this track fits perfectly in any set. A beautiful closer for Sampler 7.