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LES BELGICAINS - Na Tango Ya Covadia 1964-1970

    LES BELGICAINS - Na Tango Ya Covadia 1964-1970

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    • Product Type: LP
    • Barcode: Covadia001
    A1 Orchestre Ebuka Ebuka - Mwana Nsana

    A2 Orchestre Afro Negro - Palado Palado

    A3 Carlos Lembe - Gozalo Mulata

    A4 Orchestre Ye Ye National - Mathinda

    A5 Orchestre Ba Bolingo - Flamenco Para Ti

    A6 Orchestre Afro Negro - A La Mode

    A7 Los Nickelos - Gancia

    A8 Orchestre Ebuka Ebuka - Ngaï Dhesolé

    A9 Los Nickelos - Kinsuena

    A10 Orchestre Ekebo - Bina Pachanga

    A11 Los Nickelos - Echantillon Salukani

    A12 Orchestre Afro Negro - Suena Suena
    The compilation ‘Les Belgicains – Na Tango Ya Covadia 1964-1970’ (‘Les Belgicains’ during the time of Covadia 1964-1970) tells the remarkable story of the first Congolese student orchestras in Belgium. During that time Congolese referred to countrymen living in Belgium as ‘Les Belgicains’. The music presented on this compilation blew a new, fresh wind through the musical landscape of Congolese popular music under the supervision of the legendary editor and producer Nikiforos Cavvadias (Ngoma label)

    The largest country in Africa is experiencing its early independence. During that period, Belgium invites many Congolese students to take classes at its universities. They are the future executives and ministers of the new republic. Out of a feeling of homesickness for their beautiful country, these students set up music groups. To dance and get carried away by the music the 45 rpm records they brought with them from Congo were too short. That is why they decide to bring live music to the events of the Congolese diaspora. Their own compositions are strongly influenced by their life in Belgium, resulting in a unique sound.

    Nikiforos Cavvadias arrives in Belgium around the same time. At that moment he is one of the best-known editors and producers in Congo and he works for the Ngoma label based in Léopoldville. Niki is at the origin of the success of, among others: Antoine Mundanda, Léon Bukasa, Manuel d'Oliveira, Wendo Kolosoy... Due to the political instability in Congo, he permanently moved to Belgium with his wife and two children (1964). The student orchestras, like Los Nickelos and Yéyé National, are quickly noticed by Niki, who is looking for young, talented musicians to house under his new label Covadia.

    You can hear the extraordinary result on this compilation!

    This album is available in a deluxe vinyl edition with gatefold sleeve (1lp) + insert or a CD with a 24-page booklet. Both editions contain the story of 'Les Belgicains' and the Covadia label, with unique photos of the original orchestras. Renown sound engineer Roger Verbestel made the recordings between 1964 and 1968 in the recording studio Studio Madeleine in Brussels. All music has been remastered from the original master tapes.